Musculoskeletal Biodynamics Laboratory

근골격 운동역학 연구실

Human joints are mechanically redundant systems consisting of multiple ligaments and muscles. We have developed musculoskeletal dynamics models of the knee and foot joints and have run simulations to estimate muscle forces, ligament tensions and articular contact forces during daily activities, which helps understand the mechanism of joint injuries.

Unusual movements of the human joint can initiate a degenerative process by changing the mechanical stresses in soft tissues and bone surfaces. We have developed a dual X-ray fluoroscopic imaging system to measure the patient's accurate three-dimensional joint motion. We use this system to understand abnormal joint movements and changes due to surgical intervention.

Walking is a result of very complex process that involves neuronal control of muscles, musculoskeletal dynamics and interaction with environments such as the ground. We investigate many aspects of walking from the view points of orthopaedics, rehabilitation, and person identification. Human gait study is closely related with bipedal robots and exoskeleton robots assisting walking.


  • 2019.03.01 Congbo Phan finished his PhD and re-joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow
  • 2019.03.01 Suil Jeon and Jeongseok Oh joined the lab as master students
  • 2020.03.01 Seungwoo Yoon (PhD student), Mingi Jung (master student), and Junyo Bo (master student) joind the lab
  • 2020.04.01 Youngjun Koo finished his PhD and re-joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow